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A big QUESTION ! Why Smart Home ?


Let The Smart Home experts “Smart Radaar” answer your questions.

Smart Home

The necessity of smart home

With development of social-economy structure, household demographic structure and information technology, people have higher demands over safety, comfortableness and transparency.

Meanwhile more and more families demand that household products should be with not only intelligence but also simplicity, conveniences, easiness and safety. Obviously, our household life needs to be improved with changes.

Old Age to Smart

Differences between IOT Smart Home and Traditional Smart Home.

Traditionally, smart home has been regarded as something which can improve living quality. Actually IOT smart home has changed such views. The most obvious changes are practical, convenient and easily integrated. Every family has all kinds of appliances. No matter intelligent refrigerators, traditional lights or televisions, they work separately due to different standards. From system perspective, they are fragmentary, chaotic and unordered instead of organic and organized entirety. As master of family, time, management cost and control cost brought by all these chaotic appliances are all considerable and unnecessary.

Wireless IOT technology brings new industrial opportunity to traditional intelligent appliances and smart home. All kinds of home appliances can be well organized wirelessly to form a complete system, thus seamless sense and full management can be realized in such way. Such unimaginative and deep challenging application becomes easy, convenient and interesting with application of wireless IOT technology. All these applications are not only improvement of living quality but also the most fundamental demands for modern family.

Compared with IOT smart home, traditional smart home is hard to expand with low flexibility, worse compatibility, higher cost of upgrading and maintenance.

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